Dr. Emily's caseload is full at this time. You can learn more about her online resources for parents here.

Emily W. King, Ph.D.

Dr. Emily specializes in working with young children, ages 18 months, to 12 years old, with Autism, ADHD, anxiety, or a combination of all three. She uses a DIR/Floortime play therapy model for young children and cognitive-behavioral therapy as children are better able to use their language and cognitive skills to problem-solve. Dr. Emily works closely with parents and caregivers in order to teach them how to use play and social interactions to enrich their connection and relationship with their child. Dr. Emily also often uses the Social Thinking curriculum, developed by Michell Garcia Winner, SLP, to help children develop their social skills. 


Dr. Emily is only providing psycho-educational evaluations for current therapy clients at this time to determine progress and/or to inform decisions for treatment or school support. An evaluation may include assessing a child's cognitive, academic achievement, and memory skills along with measuring his or her emotional, behavioral and adaptive functioning.

Parent Consultation
Emily W. King, Ph.D.

Dr. Emily believes that parents know their child best but are sometimes out of ideas as to what to do next. If you are feeling stuck with a behavior you are not sure how to support or just cannot figure out why your child is struggling, a parent consultation session might be helpful.

Emily W. King, Ph.D.
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